Island Images - Photography by Ben Wood

Photographic Frames

Island Images has extensive experience of framing and Ben has a close relationship with his moulding suppliers and framer and can offer a wide range of beautiful hand made frames that complement his
images perfectly. Each photographic print is window mounted, signed and dated. Ben uses UV resistant Tru Vue glass which guarantees the archival quality of his prints.

A photograph from the Equine Gallery window mounted, signed and framed in the veneer.

Framed Photography Example

The twelve frames offered by Island Images.

Arqadia White 30mm

Neilson 20mm

Flat Antique Brown 45mm

Arqadia Black wash 30mm

Box Black 20mm

Arqadia Plain 20mm

Rosewood 20mm

Veneer 20mm

Arqadia Whitewash 30mm

Distressed Silver 30mm

Arqadia Gold 35mm

Obeche Limewaxed 50mm