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Dawn Landscape Photography
Dawn Landscapes (6 images)
Island Landscape Photography
Island Landscapes (6 images)
Panoramic Landscape  Photography
Panoramic Landscapes (6 images)
Seacape  Photography
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“In 2003 I started “The Island” commission: a photographic essay of The Isle of Wight with particular emphasis on the more unusual places and eccentric events that seem to occur on the island throughout the year. It was the most fantastic opportunity and the start of something very special as Anthony Minghella noted in his foreword to the subsequent book. “The less often I manage to get back to the Isle of Wight, the more I find myself thinking about it, missing it. Ben Wood's intriguing ragbag of photographs, in their remarkable and sometimes bewildering variety- as if he'd collected the pictures, rather than taken them suggests that he shares the same complex love affair.” The book was launched in 2006 but I've continued to photograph the island and some of the results are here to see.”

- Ben Wood -

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