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Classic Yacht Photography in Sepia
Classic Yachts (6 images)
J-Class Yacht Photography
J- Class Yachts (6 images)
Island Yacht Photography in Sepia
Island Yachts (6 images)
Yachting Photography on the Clyde
Yachting on the Clyde (6 images)
“My big break in marine photography came in 2001 when The America's Cup Jubilee conveniently held it's once in a lifetime regatta in Cowes on the Isle of Wight – my home for less than a year! It was a sensational event and to my knowledge I was the only photographer who shot the whole week exclusively in black and white. I've photographed many big boats since then but nothing compares to a J-Class yacht bearing down on you at 15 knots on a broad reach.”

- Ben Wood -