Island Images - Photography by Ben Wood

Photography Project - Private Residence Seaview

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Private Residence Seaview Photography Project “In the summer of 2002, when faced with the problem of how to cover the walls of our Seaview holiday home, Philippa and I were fortunate to discover some of Ben's more abstract work displayed in the village art gallery. The idea of a private commission was born: “a year in the life of the island..eccentric sporting endeavours...iconic views with a twist”. We launched a myriad ideas at Ben, who quietly processed them all and, over the next few years, produced a wonderful collection of photographs.

We were so pleased with the breadth and quality of the images that we abandoned the idea of an exclusive collection and decided that a befitting publication should be produced. The Island book
has not only allowed wider recognition of Ben's
photography, but also surpassed our original
delight with the commission.
And why “The Island”?...because, for all who live or
visit her, there is only one island”.

- James Thorp -